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Do you ever feel that you’re the only one in your life who’s falling through the cracks? Always taking care of everyone else but you? Or do you ever feel so unkept and frumpy that you’re grumpy?

How we look and feel can really effect our attitude. And unfortunately that attitude spills out onto the other people in our lives. That’s why it’s so important to have a routine of self care. Things we do just for ourselves that help keep our cheery disposition. lol

Not that I’ve ever had a sunny personality but I do much better at being nice when I feel good about myself. If I’m feeling neglected and unkept, my attitude can suffer and so do the people around me. 

Now I’m not just talking about a day at the salon getting a mani/pedi or a facial and such. Although I am speaking of these as well. But my biggest self care concern for women is not taking a break to recharge mentally and emotionally. And many times that can be combined with time at the salon getting beautified. As long as you’re able to shut out the world around you and relax with out interruption.

Just last week I was having a pity party because I was feeling like I was the only one who wasn’t getting taken care of and I was in dire need of some maintenance. So I booked a mani/pedi at my favorite little salon [there’s only one in our small town but I love them] and blew some $$ on me because I’m worth it. You can bet I got the deluxe treatment and it was awesome. Afterwards I felt like a new woman and my attitude did a 180 and that made everyone else in my life happy.

So self care isn’t selfish at all. Its caring enough about the people in your life to take care of yourself so you can care for them better. But you don’t have to go to a salon or spend a bundle to look and feel good. It can be something as simple as;






An uninterrupted bubble bath with your favorite candles lit

Time out to read your favorite book or go to a movie by yourself [I understand for moms, its a treat just to leave the house alone] 

A day at the mall window shopping or the park getting in some exercise 

Time at the gym with out distractions [exercise is always a good mood booster] 

Time alone to paint your nails or do a facial or just take a nap 

There’s many more things you could do.  Ask google, or a friend who always looks nice. We all have that one friend who always looks great, and makes us look dowdy. Argh! lol Trust me, she works at it!

When I had a place of my own [I’m a live in care giver at the moment], there were many things I did at home to relax. One of my favorite ways was crafting. Doing something creative is so exhilarating and refreshing. But what ever you do to unwind and refresh, do it as often as you can. Because taking care of you helps you take care of others better.

I would love to hear how you unwind and refresh. Leave me a comment!

Have a blessed day!

♥ Marti

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