Scrapbooking Terms

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By now you should know that I love scrapbooking. And when I have the time, I love to create physical scrapbook pages. But scrapbooking takes time and effort because you can’t stick all your memories into just any old book and expect it to stand the test of time.  

In order to preserve your memories not to mention your heritage, you need to take the time to pick out just the right supplies. Not all scrapbook supplies are made equal. 

So if you love scrapbooking and want your precious memories to last a lifetime, I’ve created a PDF of scrapbook terms that you can download for free. Just click here to download the PDF to your computer or what ever device you use to read PDF files. 

This PDF will help you identify items that could be harmful to your photos or memorabilia. As well as which ones help your memories to last for generations to come. 

Each month I’ll do a post on scrapbooking and even share with you some of my own scrapbook pages.

Have a blessed day  

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