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When I was just a young girl, my aunt taught me how to knit. And somewhere in my young life I also learned how to crochet. But that was as crafty as I ever got. And I don’t do either one of these anymore. My mom was the the crafty one in our family. All her life she was into sewing, crocheting, etc. I just never caught the bug until much later in life. Although I did take a liking to cross stitch as a young adult. I still love cross  stitch to this day. As time went by my love of crafts blossomed. Maybe I was always crafty but just hadn’t discovered my hidden talents yet. Don’t judge, some of us bloom late! LOL

If you’ve read my bio, you already know how I fell in love with scrapbooking. My first one was a labor of love. But once I got a taste, there was no turning back. To be honest, I’m not sure if it was the love of scrapbooking or all the pretties I got to use. Or maybe it was the love of craft stores. Unfortunately, I could spend hours and tons of money in one of those places. Who’s with me?! LOL Which ever one it was [my guess is all three] I was hooked. I even went as far as to be certified in scrapbooking and paper crafting. Meaning I could work for a Micheal’s or Hobby Lobby as a craft instructor. And one of my dreams is to someday hold classes in my custom
designed home office/craft room. Read the post about my dream office by clicking here

Another craft I love maybe even more than scrapbooking is card making. And you guessed it, my mom was the queen of card making [mom was the queen of everything.] LOL She sat around and made them all the time. She was even in charge of the card ministry at our church. They had a card making class that met once a week. Once they were done, they would send the cards to shut in’s and others who might need encouragement. They made the ones where you stamp the card with a picture and color it in with colored pencils, But mom would go one step further and embellish hers with decorative paper and ribbon [from my scrap stash of course.] Her’s were always the prettiest ones.

I didn’t get into card making until after she passed away in 2015. I think she must have passed on that desire to continue her legacy. Now I’m hooked on it and miss being able to create cards [I don’t have the place to work at the moment.] I still have most of her stamps [she had a ton] and other card making supplies. But my way of making them is a little different.

I’ve actually designed several collections of cards and hope to start making them again next year. Unlike mom or her fellow card makers, I rarely use stamps. At least not the way they used them. Most of my cards are made from card stock, patterned scrap paper and embellishments. Like the ones you see below.

As of this moment, I have a ton of supplies just sitting in my storage space waiting for me. And as soon as I’m able, I will start creating my cards again. I also have a couple of scrapbooks to finish and some half done cross stitch projects to finish. Oh how I miss the crafty life!

Any fellow crafters out there? What is your favorite craft? I would love to know and even see what you make. Leave me a comment and pictures if you got em.

Have a blessed day!

♥ Marti

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