Why I Love to Create

If you haven’t read the About Me page, I urge you to do so. It will give you more insight on how I got started.

In a nutshell, it all started with one memory book that I created for a friend who was retiring from the place we both worked. Since he was someone I knew outside of work, I decided that the usual black or white binder just wouldn’t do. I found the perfect album and papers to match. But I didn’t stop there, I also found parchment papers in the same color scheme as the album to print all the letters he would get from long time colleagues and friends.

The man had been there since graduating high school so he knew a lot of people and had made close relationships. Most of them would write him a letter for the memory book. They emailed them to me and I printed them on the parchment paper. And since I’m an over achiever, I used my design program to design a unique letter head for each letter. I can tell you with surety that this was a divine and inspired project. I would print the letters then take them around to each person to be signed. Each time I heard, this letter head is perfect for me. I didn’t know these people and none of them were under my support.

My love of scrapbooking started me on a new path so I got my certification to be a scrapbook and paper craft instructor.

But in 2013 time was short and I didn’t have a lot of time for my new passion. Around that time I discovered a thing called digital scrap. What an amazing concept, being able to scrapbook with out dragging out all that stuff and making a mess. I joined every scrap challenge that I could find.

Unfortunately, many times I was unable to find the digital papers and elements I wanted for my projects. So I started creating my own and loved it.

From there until now I have branched out to a lot more then just papers and elements for scrapbooking.

Back in the old days before twitter changed its layout, there used to be banners and backgrounds on the timelines. I wish I still had some of the ones I created to show you (I think there are some still on DeviantArt.) Once people found out that I created twitter designs, I was constantly asked to create them.

Unfortunately, when I switched my files from one laptop to another, I lost pretty much my entire portfolio. Which is sad because I had tons of TL deigns, scrap kits and layouts, etc.

Yes, I cried, it was devastating. But there’s nothing like starting over. However; I did recover a few things from DeviantArt and an old blog I didn’t even know still existed.

I love creating beautiful things and creating them makes me feel alive. I devote my second session each day to digital and physical creation. Below I have added a few images of things I have created. What little I could recover from the blog. The DeviantArt is also linked above.

Next Tuesday I’ll share my creative process with you. Until then, have a blessed week.

This is one of the only surviving scrap challenge layouts I have left. It is of my parents and me. Now there is only me

This layout is from a digital scrap kit I created called “Summer time blues”. Yes, that’s cute little me. 

My mom on her wedding day. She was beautiful! This is also from my “Summer time blues” kit. 

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