What I do When I'm not Creating

When I’m not working on projects for the business, I’m usually doing one of the following activities.

Reading, Writing, Music, Cooking/Baking, Studying, Hanging with friends or Relaxing.


My Library is packed with books I’ve yet to read. Life got a bit busy for a while and didn’t permit me the luxury of reading. I have been able to start reading again but hope to start reading more soon.

My library mostly includes non-fiction Christian books and magazines. I also have a few books just for fun reading and lots of magazines and books about my creative interest. Along with a nice collection of cook books, of course.

These are only about half the books I have now
These are a few of the Christian magazines that I like to read
A couple of the secular magazines I enjoy. There are a few more
A couple of books from my pleasure reading shelf. I also have some Christian fiction


The stickers on the piano keys are leftover from the previous owner whose child took piano. I debated on leaving them and giving piano lessons again but decided against it. I no longer desire to teach and have never used this technique to teach before.

I am a musician, singer and song writer trying to reboot my talents since I’m a bit rusty at the moment. I play the piano and I’m relearning how to play the violin and guitar. Its been years since I last played them and have forgotten much.

Up until 2014 I had a music ministry but gave it up to take care of my mom. Life since then has kept me from getting back into music. But now I am in a place where I can work on it again.


Once again life has gotten in the way of this endeavor. But now I believe I am able to peruse it again. I have a few books in the works but at the moment I am focusing my efforts on writing for the ministry blog at ablessedlifejourney. I seem to enjoy writing devotions and inspirational post most of all.


I have loved baking since I was very young and as I got older, I found I also loved cooking. I come from a long line of country cooks so I guess I’m just folling in their footsteps.

Most of all I love baking cookies, cakes and muffins, or anything of that nature. I supposed I can also bake pies but I’m not a big pie fan. But I am a big fan of pecan pie, Boston cream pie and the square root of pi. lol

My favorite dishes to cook are pasta, chicken, meatloaf as well as many other dishes. I also like cooking chicken, pork or roast in my crockpot. Making big pots of homemade soup and freezing it is also a favorite of mine. In fact, I like making a big casseroles or crockpots full of food each week and putting meals in the freezer for later.


I enjoy Bible studies and good Christian books. Learning from those who are more knowledgeable and wiser then I is something I treasure. And if you read my ministry blog ablessedlifejourney, you will see that using ones life to help others is a big deal for me. It should be a big deal for all of us, otherwise everything we’ve experienced in this life has been in vain.


I love hanging out with my church family and friends. Whether it be on Sunday’s or at one of our fellowships. I have enjoyed making friendships within this body and having one on one time occasionally. Not often enough for my liking but life must be dealt with.


I do try to give myself time to relax at the end of each day. During this time, I might binge one of my favorite shows (at the moment its “Murdoch Mysteries.) And more then likely I will play a game on my phone or color while watching.

Its not that I’m a multi tasker (although I am), its more about having ADHD. Our hands need to stay busy in order for us to pay attention. Sound crazy? It might be but keeping our hands busy helps us to focus.

So if you have an ADHD child and they seem to be off in space somewhere or all over the map, give them something to do with their hands next time your trying to talk to them. And I assure you that they will hear every word you or someone else says to them.

This month I’ve put my life out there for you to see. I hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know who I am and what I’m about. I do have one more post called “My Town” that I will post this coming Saturday.

I will also share with you what this town was like then and what it is like now. Also what I did and enjoyed in thisĀ  beautiful little town while I was growing up right across the river from it. And why I chose to come back to it after all these years.

Have a blessed day

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