My Creative Process

Where I Find Inspiration

I find inspiration in magazines, Everyday life, Etsy, Pinterest, graphic design websites, google or any place else I can think of. I always keep a running list of ideas. And you never know what will spark an idea.

How I Choose a Project

Sometimes I choose whatever might challenge me or something I’ve been wanting to try my hand at. For example, I love junk journals but I’ve never made any before. So I educated myself on how to make them. I should have some up for sale on Etsy sometime this year.

Other times I’m just in the mood to create certain things. Or maybe I have time restraints and need a project that takes only a couple of days as opposed to a couple of weeks or months. But usually its whatever strikes my fancy.

How I Prepare My Workspace

If a project is new to me and something I want to try my hand at, the first thing I do is get an education. I will find videos and instruction online to learn how to make the item. After I’m sure I know how to make it, I set up my work area.

If the item is physical, I first decide what tools and supplies I will need. Then I organize them on my work table so that they are at my finger tips. This way I’m able to stay fluid in my execution of the project. There is nothing more aggravating then having to jump up and down to find what you need.

For digital projects, I set up my digital workspace for maximum efficiency. First I gather all my digital supplies into a project folder. Then I bring up my design program and make sure all the settings are correct for my current project. After that, its time to go to work creating something wonderful (at least I hope it will be.)

This is my creative process and as you can see, its not a complicated one because I like to keep things simple. Later this week, two new products hit the Etsy shop and on Saturday, I have a freebie for you.

Have a blessed day

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