What Is A Brand? A brand is how people recognize you. Its all the elements you use to identify your business to the world. These elements can be used across all areas of your business. From your stationery to your website, from Instagram to advertisements. Your brand adds consistency.

What Makes Up A Brand? A brand consist of several elements. A few of the basics are Color, Fonts, Pattern’s & Textures. This may sound simple but its not. Just like
baking a cake, you must gather all the ingredients before you can begin making it. With a brand you must first gather the basics.

How Do You Create a Brand? First you determine the type of business you want. If you already have one in mind, then its time to choose your businesses style. Is it
casual, sophisticated, romantic, rugged, elegant, etc? This will have a lot to do with the elements you choose to represent your brand.

Once you know your style, you should start a Pinterest board to pin images, quotes, etc. that represent that style. This will help you or someone like me create a style
board for your brand.

A style board helps you choose the elements that will make up your brand. But first I like to create 3 – 5 logo’s. All logo’s are created in black and white to begin.
Once the logo’s are finished the client chooses the one that best represents their business.

Why Do You Need a Logo? A logo helps you be recognizable to clients and potential clients. As soon as they catch a glimpse at those colors and fonts, they immediately
know its you. Here’s where you really need an eye for design.

What’s Next? Now its time to start picking out the other elements like colors, fonts, etc.

You will need anywhere from 4 – 6 colors, 2 – 3 fonts and a pattern and or texture. These are just the basic elements but they are very important. There are other things
you will create such as alternate logo’s, sub marks, stationery, social icons, etc.

As you can see, there’s a lot that goes into creating a brand and it is not for the faint of heart. LOL Picking out colors, sifting through tons of fonts is time
consuming and at times even nerve racking.

Feel free contact me with any questions or if you have a needs for a new brand.

Have a blessed day!
♥ Marti


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