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natural harmonious colors

A growing trend in the field of design, more natural and harmonious colors. So if you’re looking for the perfect color palette, then look no further then nature. Now if you’re not into the great outdoors and taking a few snapshots, then go to Unsplash.
You’ll find tons of great images that you can use for free. Try to get unfiltered images if you can, the more natural the better.

Then zip on over to Adobe color wheel and extract a perfect color palette. Both of these are free to use but you will need to sign up for an account at Adobe…

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choosing brand colors

How do you choose brand colors? My first step in choosing brand colors, having my clients create Pinterest boards. These boards will reflect their color, style and design preferences.

Ask questions as your creating your boards. What colors make me feel happy or calm? Which ones make me smile? Which colors am I drawn to? What colors will draw my ideal client and make them feel at ease? Now I know you know your favorite…

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embracing the mess and dealing with life's problems

How do you deal with life’s problems? Do you run from them or do you embrace the mess?

As we all know life can get messy. Sometimes we can control what happens and other times we can’t. Life can be going along great and boom, someone or something happens. But how we deal with it determines how well we survive.

I’m not going to lie to you and say I always embrace the mess with grace. On the contrary, I have a long…

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Back in the early days when I first started using WordPress and Godaddy to create websites I used a software called Publisher Pro. It consisted of three programs one being a desktop publisher I used to create web pages. Another one was a Photoshop like program I used to create my digital scrap kits and web page elements. And I honestly can’t remember what the third one was. I guess I didn’t use it enough to remember it. lol But when my Window’s xp computer went down sometime in 2013 these programs were lost to me…

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On October 5th I posted about self care. How we all need it in order to care for everyone else. And so we don’t go totally stark raving crazy feeling like we’re being neglected.

Since I know not everyone can go to the spa or spend a bundle. And although there are many no cost or low cost ways to pamper yourself, I wanted to follow up with a post about self care on a budget.
So last weekend I went on a mission to find all sorts of goodies. Scroll down to see what I found…

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