Last week I wrote about branding and why its so important. So this week I wanted you to see the branding and design process on a real site. Sometimes its hard to understand something unless you see it in action. And I’m very happy to share with you the details of my own brand and website. I’m still working on adding some things here and there but as far as the design, its a done deal.
As with every brand and design project, I started by deciding on my style. I wanted something feminine and a bit romantic but not too flowery or foo foo. LOL Something that would appeal to women and couples yet also appeal to male creative’s as well. After all, not all photographers, event planners, etc. are women.
To determine my style, I surfed the web for images that appealed to me. The ones here show best the style I’m trying to project in my business.

Once I had my brand style, I started putting together a color palette.

Then it was time to start the real creative process and work on my logo suite. I went through many different designs before deciding on these. My first designs included a floral motif.

While I was deciding on my logos, I went through a lot of font choices. I needed at least two for my main logo. And at least one more to use for my website content. I just love, love, love these fonts. The Silver South fonts are in my logo suite. The Georgia fonts are used throughout my site.

The next step I needed to take was deciding what if any patterns and textures I would use in my design. I don’t always use them but they’re fun if they fit the design. I considered the style images above. The blush, black, dove gray and zebra print caught my eye. So I thought, how fun to use the zebra print in the blush with a charcoal background. And then I chose my other pattern to coordinate with the zebra print. The leaf pattern seemed like a good fit. The texture in blush just added another feminine touch. Now you might be asking, where did you actually use any of these? Keep reading and I’ll show you.

Some, like my blush texture create small embellishments for the website. You can see it at the top of website pages. But most of the patterns and textures chosen for a brand are used in other aspects of the design such as stationery life you see below. This is my stationery suite as well as my current Facebook cover. I say current because those have a tendency to change.

Well there you have it, my entire branding process and what I made out of it. As you can see I used all aspects of my brand through out my design. And below in a screen shot of my front page so you can see how I used the logo’s, fonts and colors on my site.

I hope you get a better idea about what goes into a brand and how its used. Would love to get your feed back. 

Have a blessed day!

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