Fall is my MOST favorite time of year for many reasons. But one of the biggest, is the way the world just seems to burst into flames. Well not literally, but those beautiful colors that seem to pop up out of nowhere. Nature can give us some of the best color inspiration no matter what time of year. But I think fall is the most gorgeous. Unfortunately where I live, its been too dry. We aren’t getting to experience that beautiful pop of color this year. I’ll just have to live vicariously! So please share your picture if you take any this season.

Now since I’m a winter girl, I can’t wear fall colors. But that doesn’t stop me from using them in other ways. Like creating beautiful layouts for scrap pages, brands, websites or decor. If there’s a way to use fall colors, I’ll find it. Even if its decorating the house once a year.

Come to think of it, fall decor can be left up longer then any other. Its at least a two month gig and all others are only one month max. Unless you’re one of those people who leave their Christmas decorations up all year long [I’m not judging.]

I like to put my fall decor up the day the calendar says its officially fall. And leave them until the day after Thanksgiving.

Enough about my decorating habits and on to today’s focus. COLOR!

Since fall always inspires me, I’ve put together a fall color palette for you. You are free to use these colors anyway you like. I would love to see anything you create from it. And I would love to hear what you love about fall. Leave a comment!

Have a blessed day! 

♥ Marti

Just right click on the image and save to your computer. 


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